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Anti-Snoring Head Strap - jeenostore

Anti-Snoring Head Strap


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    Do you wake up tired every morning even after hours of sleep?

    You could be experiencing sleep apnea or excessive snoring

    • Sleep apnea is a common disorder that affects as many as 22 million Americans, but almost always goes untreated and undiagnosed. Symptoms include snoring and poor quality sleep. Sufferers wake up feeling tired every morning.
    • Sufferers experience multiple collapsing of airways during sleep which interrupts their sleep cycle and inhibits deep restful REM sleep.
    • Treatments such as expensive CPAP machines can cost over 1000$ dollars and require users to sleep with an uncomfortable and restrictive face mask.
    • This easy-to-use chinstrap comfortably cures sleep apnea by holding the sleeping patient's mouth closed, causing them to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth


    Advantages of Anti-Snoring Chin Straps

    • Unlike other snoring solutions and mouth pieces, anti-snoring chin straps can be worn even while using dentures or in the event of having gum disorders or temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

    • Jaw straps are highly easy to wear, clean, maintain and store. They come equipped with Velcro straps, that not only provide the best fit but also last for several years in a row.

    • Maintaining jaw straps is easy and does not entail a rigorous cleaning regime or special cleaning solutions. Furthermore it takes little time or manual dexterity to wear and can be used by beginners with ease. Its lock-jaw effect is made possible due to the presence of flexible yet sturdy straps which enwrap around the jaws and chin to deliver a firm clasp.

    • The fabric sling of the jaw strap does not bulge during sleep and maintains a fixed positions always, irrespective of the number of times you change position during sleep. This ensures restful sleep without even the slightest bit of snoring.


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