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    - Do you suffer from excessive snoring that affects your sleep quality?  

    - Does your partner constantly complain about the noise?

    - Is an expensive CPAP machine out of your price range?

    - Or if you own one, are you frustrated with your clunky, uncomfortable CPAP mask?

     Snoring is not only irritating for you and your partner, it can be fatal:  the condition has been linked to heart and metabolic disease.

     We Have The Solution For You!

    Our SnorePod™ device is designed to solve all of your snoring problems, giving you a refreshing night's sleep, every night, with absolute comfort.


     How does it work?

    ✔️SnorePod treats snoring by stimulating throat muscles when they have over-relaxed

    ✔️ This device directly treats the cause of snoring. Other devices simply mask the problem

      ✔️ Supports open airways allowing air to pass freely, and throughout the night the device will prevent collapsing of airways  

      ✔️Portable, perfect for use while travelling

      ✔️ Not available in stores


        Is SnorePod™  Disposable? 

        • No, the device can be used many times and is not disposable.

        How Long Does The Battery Last?

        • The battery will last all night on a full charge

        Where Do I Buy The Electrode Pads?

        • Each box contains electrode pads 

        How Do I Clean The Device?

        • Use a damp cloth to gently clean the outer shell of the device. Do not submerge under water as this will harm the electronics.

        How Do I Charge The Device?

        • A USB charging station is included in the box 


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